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Album of the week: Marit Larsen “If A Song Could Get Me You”


We mentioned norwegian singer Marit Larsen before. This week her album “If A Song Could Get Me You” is our album of the week. Marit was in the succesful group M2M before she started her solo career in Norway. She released two albums in Norway, “Under The Surface” and “The Chase”, both extremly succesful. The european release of the album “If A Song Could Get Me You” contains the best of her first 2 albums, including the smash hit single “If A Song Could Get Me You”.

The 13 beautiful songs prove what a great singer and songwriter Marit is. Besides her singing, she plays piano, guitar, mandolin and harmonica. In addition to the hit single, the songs “Don`t Save Me” (her first ever solo single), “Ten Steps”, and “I´ve Heard Your Love Songs” prove her variety. She is not only singing sad love songs and the arrangements of the songs are always made with lots of emotion and nice surprises. A great summer album!

Marit Larsen Cover

Marit Larsen Cover

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