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Album of the week: Zoot Woman “Things Are What They Used To Be”


A lot of fans thought there won`t be another Zoot woman album, cos mastermind Stuart Price produced so many other artists the lasts years. He did produce Madonna, Seal, The Killers, Frankmusik and many more.

After 6 years the british band is back with their third album “Things Are What They Used To Be”. And they are back at their best. On the album you`ll find 12 superb electronic hits, most of them you can dance to.  The bonus version of the album has a Grand Son remix of “We Won`t Break” on top. The euphoric title track  emphasises the want to return to how things once were in another state of mind, time and place. Also listen to “Just A Friend Of Mine”, “More Than Ever”, “Saturation”,  “We Won`t Break” . all wonderful songs that lift your mood up. Unusual, but also a great song is the sad ballad “Blue Sea”. This album is a burner!

Zoot Woman Cover

Zoot Woman Cover

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