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The Big Pink and A Brief History Of Love


The London based band The Big Pink is an electro-rock duo who won the 2009 NME Phillip Hall Radar award for best new act. After several great singles, Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell release their debut album “A Brief History Of Love” on September 14th. Cordell says about the album: “it`s about every different aspect of love… The good, the bad, the boring, the exciting, the dreams, the nightmares, the whole thing.”

As the band consists only of the two guys, they got a lof of help on the album.  Daniel Sullivan played lots of instruments and Patrick Wolf’s sister did backing vocals along with Florence Welch (this time without the machines). It`s definately an album which grows the more you listen to it.

Influenced by artists as diverse as Phil Spector and My Bloody Valentine, the Big Pink make electronic noise-rock with a pop twist. There are heartfelt melodies and thoughtful repeated beats on it. The band played a terrific gig at Reading festival this year and will tour Europe the next months and the US afterwards.

The new single is the charismatic “Dominos”, which will be released one week before the album. Here is the video for it:


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