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Bananarama release new album “Viva”


Great to see them back. Bananarama release their new studio album “Viva” on September 14th in the UK. The girls started in the 80`s and were one of the most succesful girl bands of all time. Hits like “Venus”, “Robert De Niro`s waiting” and “I Heard A Rumour” are classic pop songs til these days. The band sold over 40 million records worldwide.

Siobhan Fahey (wife of Eurythmic`s Dave Stewart) left the band in 1988 and from 1993 on Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward continued as a duo.  After a short break and several live perfomances, the two of them release their new album “Viva” on Fascination Records. Besides 8 new tracks, there are 3 cover versions on the album, “Rapture” (iio), “The Runner” (3 degrees) and “S-S-S Single Bed” (Fox). Great to hear that they still got it.  Here is the video for the first single “Love Comes”:

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