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Muse and The Resistance


British rock band Muse will release their fifth studio album “The Resistance”  next week. “They will not force us, they will not degrade us, we will be victorious”, that`s what they proudly sing on the first single “Uprising”.  The threesome already sold 8 million albums and the new one will definately be a seller as well.

Muse recorded the new album in Italy and produced it themselves. It`s an contemporary rock album with more beats and rhythmic vocals compared to their older records. As usual Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard wrote intelligent lyrics and enwrap them in great rock tunes. Very interesting is the Exogenesis Symphony at the end of the lbum in 3 parts (Overture, Cross Pollination and Redemption), which they recorded with a 40 piece orchestra.  The band will play 2 small release gigs next week, on Monday in Berlin and on Tuesday in Paris, before they`ll play big venues in October/November.

Muse Coverr

Muse Cover

You can listen to snippets of the album on their website:

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