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Album of the week: Prefab Sprout “Let`s Change The World With Music”


What a suprise when a few weeks ago it was announced there will be a new Prefab Sprout album. The songs aren`t really new, they were demos for the 1992 album “Jordan-The comeback”, but have never been released. Luckily Paddy McAloon re-worked the tracks and decided to release them now.

“Let`s Change The World With Music” is a celebration for all Prefab Sprout fans who never thought to hear new material. You feel like you are back in the 80`s, Paddy`s emotional melodic voice and these great pop songs, simply wonderful. You`ll hear 11 Prefab Sprout pearls from the title track to “Angel of love”, all little pieces of pop culture about hope, destiny, weakness, craving and the beauty of life and music.  Enjoy the new album and it`s time to listen to “King Of Rock`n`Roll” and their 1985 masterpiece “Steve McQueen” again.

Prefab Sprout Cover

Prefab Sprout Cover

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