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Vanessa Amorosi tells us who she is


Australia`s best female voice is back! Vanessa Amorosi (28) releases her new single “This Is Who I Am” in Australia in October and her fifth studio album will follow in November 2009.

Vanessa got worldwide interest when she was performing at the opening and closing ceremony at the Olympic games in Australia in the year 2000.  Her song “Absolutely Everybody” was not only a smash hit in Australia, but in several european countries as well. Besides Australia, she achieved her biggest success in Germany. Last year she released the fantastic album “Somewhere In The Real World” down under with the single hits “Kiss Your Mama”, “Perfect” and “The Simple Things”. The album was a bestseller down under with “Perfect” the most played song on the radio in 2008 and the album is one of the best albums i`ve heard in 2008.

This year, Vanessa released a duet with the american band Hoobastank, called “The Letter”.  Her new album was recorded and produced in America and Sweden. First single “This Is Who I Am” is a great rock-pop tune which definately will be another hit for her. The song was produced by MachoPsycho (Pink) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day). It`s time that Vanessa gets what she deserves, worldwide chart success. If you ever have the chance to see Vanessa live in concert, don`t hesitate to go, cos she is a great performer. She will tour Australia together with Rob Thomas in February 2010.

Here you can watch the just released video for “This Is Who I Am”:

Vanessa Amorosi singlecover

Vanessa Amorosi singlecover

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  1. Ashley permalink
    2009/09/14 01:22

    My mate in Australia says Vanessa Amorosi is unbelievable LIVE.
    I brought her album from ebay. She is amazing i think this song is going to break her worldwide…

  2. Ellie Kerrigan permalink
    2009/09/14 01:38

    I’m stunned. When i heard Perfect for the first time i cried, not just because of the lyrics but because of her voice.
    I can’t wait for a new album!

  3. Sam permalink
    2009/09/14 07:14

    This song is fantastic.
    Check her youtube video out to ‘Perfect’

  4. Josie permalink
    2009/09/14 08:31

    When i first heard the new single i thought it was P!nk, when i realised it was Vanessa Amorosi i was so proud that the song came from an Aussi!!
    Go Vanessa Amorosi, YOU ROCK!!

  5. TimmL permalink
    2009/09/15 04:26

    I cannot wait for the next album!!!!!!! She deserves to be a huge worldwide star =) What a talent and what music! The new song is amazing xoxo

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