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Charlie Winston is like a hobo


British singer and songwriter Charlie Winston had a number 1 song in France with his single “Like a Hobo”. Finally he is getting noticed in other countries as well and releasing his album “Hobo”.

Winston grew up in Suffolk where his parents, who also are musicians, owned a hotel. Charlie had a band called “Charlie Winston and the Oxymorons”, released one album, but now he is doing his music alone. Two years ago, Peter Gabriel took him on his tour through Europe and from that moment on, the success began. But it is not his home country England where he first got successful, it`s France, where he performed his single “Like a Hobo” in a big TV show and single and the album”Hobo” stormed the charts after that. The album is in the Top Ten of the french charts for 5 months and the single was a number 1 hit!

“Hobo” is produced by Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure) and Charlie Winston`s music  is inspired by legends like Ray Charles, Randy Newman, Richie Havens or Tom Waits. Check out his great album, which will be released by the end of September in the rest of Europe and in October in the US. Here is the video for the hit single:

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