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Album of the week: Mika “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”


Mika is back with his second album “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”. This time he tells us stories about growing up, problems that teenies have in their puberty, when they feel insecure and sexuality is awaking.

The 25 year old lebanese singer who lives in London has recorded a great collection of sugar sweet pop songs and nice ballads. After his EP “Songs For Sorrow” came out earlier this year, everyone was awaiting the new album. Among the 12 songs are 2 songs from the EP, the wonderful “Blue Eyes” and “Toy Boy”. The rest are 10 new pop pearls. Besides the glory single “We Are Golden”, you should listen to “Blame It On The Girls” (next single), “Rain”, “I See You” and “By The Time”.  To celebrate the release of his new album, Mika will be performing a free concert in London tonight. You`ll find the details on his website.

Freddie would be proud of Mika, cos you can hear his influence on so many songs again! The album is also available as limited deluxe edition with a bonus track and a second cd with special recordings of new and old songs.

Mika cover

Mika cover

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