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Album of the week: Editors “In This Light And On This Evening”


The new album from british rock band Editors “In This Light And On This Evening” has 14 new songs on it,  great rock music and they sound rawer then their former stuff. The new album was produced by Mark “Flood” Ellis, who did produce bands like U2, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and many others in the past. The original album has only 9 songs on it, which is way too short, but the limited edition and digital version has 14 songs on it.

Singer Tom Smith describes the new record as “a dark record, a record that signs of no God, it`s a record of broken love songs, a record where the filthy city is so close you can smell it, taste it, a record of drunken violence, a record which has lost all trust in those in charge of our world.” Sounds harder than the music actually is, although the lyrics are often really dark. Tom`s distinctive voice is stronger than ever on the new album. The sound is more synthesizer driven with an 80`s touch and it seems Tom, who is now living in London, seems to have fallen in love with the city as he sings “London’s become the most beautiful thing I’ve seen” in the title track. The album will not be loved by all of their fans, because of the new direction, but it proves that the band is brave enough to be risky and the songs are strong and should stand for themselves.

Editors cover

Editors cover

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