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Album of the week: Vanessa Amorosi “Hazardous”


Finally she got her first number 1 single in her home country Australia. Vanessa Amorosi hit the top of the single charts with her fantastic new single “This Is Who I Am”, from her new studio album “Hazardous”, which is out now.

Vanessa got worldwide interest when she was performing at the opening and closing ceremony at the Olympic games in Australia in the year 2000.  Her song “Absolutely Everybody” was not only a smash hit in Australia, but in several european countries as well. Besides Australia, she achieved her biggest success in Germany. Last year she released the fantastic album “Somewhere In The Real World” down under with the single hits “Kiss Your Mama”, “Perfect” and “The Simple Things”. The album is one of the best albums i`ve heard in 2008 and her best work so far.

After her duet with the american band Hoobastank, called “The Letter”, Vanessa  recorded and produced her new album in America and Sweden.  “Hazardous” has a fantastic mix of rock and pop songs, always dominated by her strong and unique voice. It sounds more commercial than the last album and will not only satisfiy her australian audience, but also Europeans and Americans. There are lots of potential hit singles on the album, like the fantastic strong title track “Hazardous”, but also “Holiday”, “Aliens And U.F.O.S”, “Off On My Kiss”, “Baby`s On Ice” and “Blow Me Away” could be big future hits for her. Also nice ballads like “Show Me How To Love” and “Higher Ground” are included on the brilliant produced album.

In her lyrics Vanessa is as honest as she has never been before, singing about insecurity, looks, problems and relationships. It`s good to see what a great development Vanessa did with her music the last years, she is a strong young woman now and that shows in her music and lyrics.

The album is out now only in Australia, but will hopefully be released in Europe and America soon!

Vanessa Amorosi album cover

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  1. little_mini_nassy permalink
    2010/04/11 00:39

    Vanessa, good job on getting no.1!! You really deserved it, all of the hard work and singing paid off!

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