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Album of the week: Jamie Cullum “The Pursuit”


He still looks like a teenager, but english jazz singer Jamie Cullum (30) has been one of the most successful jazz singers from the island the last 10 years. His fifth studio album “The Pursuit” took him 4 years to finish and it is a great step forward.

This time Jamie tried to mix jazz with more pop and the result is very good. It starts with a typical jazz song, but the second track, the hit single “I`m All Over It” is a already a classic pop song. “Wheels” sounds like Coldplay and he even did a fantastic cover version of Rihanna`s “Don`t Stop The Music”.  Also a brilliant song is “Love Ain`t Gonna Let You Down” and the nice ballad “If I Ruled The World”. “Mixtape” and “Music Is Through” are great up-tempo songs. “The Pursuit” is definatley his best album so far and i`m sure we can expect more great stuff from him in the future. The album is available as standard version with 12 tracks and as special edition with a DVD with live stuff, videos and bonus titles.

Jamie will be touring the UK, Ireland and Germany in May 2010. Don`t miss him, cos he is an excellent live performer.

Jamie Cullum cover

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