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Album of the week: Aura Dione “Columbine”


There is a singer from Denmark currently number 1 in the German iTunes chart and played constantly on the radio with her cute song “I Will Love You Monday (365)”. Her name is Aura Dione, a 23 year old pretty singer from Copenhagen. Her album “Columbine” was a huge success in Denmark and she had a number 1 single with “Song For Sophie”. People compare her with artists like Feist, Gwen Stefanie, Shania Twain or even Tracy Chapman, she mixes folk with electro, a bit of country here and pop and dub there, always nicely arranged.

On her fantastic album, she wrote a song about gay icon Antony (Antony And The Johnsons), another one is about how she felt when someone thought she is a prostitute (“Are You For Sale”). There are 12 wonderful playful songs on her album, cute little ballads like “Clean Hands”, “Picture Of The Moon” and the lullaby “Lulla Goodbye” and more radio friendly songs like the single, “Little Louie”, “Something From Nothing”, “Song For Sophie” and “Stay The Same”. A wonderful fresh album, perfect for the time of year and we will hopefully hear a lot more from the very talented girl, who loves to wear funny colorful clothes, in the future.

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