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Album of the week: 30 Seconds To Mars “This Is War”


Finally after 4 years of waiting, we got new material from actor Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds To Mars. The band released their first album in 2002 and the second one “A Beautiful Lie” in 2005. As it is mostly the case that actors who try to be successful as musicians too fail, Jared Leto and his band are one of the only bands with an actor in front, who are really successful and they are getting bigger with every album they release.

The new album “This Is War” is produced by Flood (U 2) and Steve Lillywhite (Rolling Stones) and fans could send in their fotos for cover ideas and you can hear 2000 of their fans choral singing on the recording itself . On the album you hear the band as usual with great up-tempo rock tracks like the first single “Kings And Queens”, “Night Of The Hunter”, “This Is War”, the fantastic “Closer To The Edge” and nice rock ballads like “100 suns”, “Alibi”, “Hurricane” and the epic “Stranger In A Strange Land”. 12 songs are on the album, all written by Jared Leto, one (“L490”) was written by his brother Shannon who also plays in the band.

A great new rock album the band will take on their world tour next year.

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