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Album of the week: Alicia Keys “The Element Of Freedom”


What a highlight at the end of 2009. The new album from Alicia Keys is out now.  The last months she didn`t only write for her new album, she also wrote Whitney Houston`s comeback single “Million Dollar Bill” and did a collaboration on Jay-Z`s “Empire State Of Mind”.

“The Element Of Freedom” is Alicia`s 4th studio album.  The album starts with the fantastic “Love Is Blind”, followed by “Doesn`t Mean Anything”, the first single from the album. Next one is the next single, “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”, another classy pop tune. There is not a single weak song on the album and there are 2 collaborations, “Unthinkable” with rapper Drake and “Put It In A Love Song” with Beyonce.  And “Empire State Of Mind (Part II)”, which she sang with Jay-Z, is on the album too, but this time Alicia sings it alone. “The Element Of Freedom” has a nice mixture of ballads and more up-tempo dance songs like “This Bed” ,which reminds me of Prince.

She worked on the new album with her longtime studio partners Kerry “Krucial” Brothers and Jeff Bushker. The album is amazing, so many good songs with great lyrics, typical Alicia piano melodies, songs that quickly grow into your heart and let you smile. What a talent!

Besides the normal version with 14 tracks, there is a special limited edition with 2 more songs and videos. I`m sure Alicia will get some more grammys for this album in the future to the phenomal amount of 12 grammys she got so far.

Alicia will hit the road in Europe in May 2010!

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