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Album of the week: Hot Chip “One Life Stand”


They should change their name into Hot Shit, cos that`s what their music is, totally hot shit. The new album “One Life Stand” is already one of my favourites of this still young new year 2010.

After “Coming On Strong”, “The Warning” and “Made In The Dark”, “One Life Stand” is the fourth album from the british electro-pop band and they get better with every album. Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard formed the band in 2000 and they became really hip the last 2 years. The new album is warmer, deeper and more reduced than the last one. The first single “One Life Stand” is fantastic, there are lots of dance tracks like “Thieves In The Night”, the brilliant “Hand Me Down Your Love” , “I Feel Better” and “We Have Love”, but also unusual ballads like “Brothers”, “Slush” and “Keep Quiet”, that show how talented and versatile the guys are. The more you listen to the album, the more you get addicted to it!

Hot Chip will start their big world tour on February 12th in Glasgow and will tour Europe and the US until the end of April 2010. Don`t miss them, cos they are excellent live when they the band is completed with Owen Clarke, Al Doyle and Felix Martin.

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