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Album of the week: Sade “Soldier Of Love”


After over a decade away from the music scene, Sade finally released her new album “Soldier Of Love”. The album starts with “The Moon And The Sky” a typical Sade song, slowly grows it into your heart. Followed by the first single, the title track “Soldier Of Love”, a superb new song and definately one of the strongest songs on the album. Love the line “still wait for love to come…turn it all around”. “Morning Bird” is a very quiet song, “Babyfather” is a hymn from a father to his child. Other highlights are “Bring Me Home”, “In Another Time” and the last song “The Safest Place”.

As Sade’s first studio album since 2000’s Lovers Rock, this new release was worth the wait, although it is not her best album and has some boring songs on it and most of them sound alike. But it`s great to have her back and listening to her unique voice and sound is a wonderful recreation these hectic days.

Sade will be presenting “Soldier Of Love” at the German music award Echo on March, 4th in Berlin.

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