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Semi Precious Weapons on tour with Lady GaGa


This band from New York City is totally crazy but i love their music and style. They are currently on tour with Lady GaGa on her Monster Ball world tour and if you have to chance to see them, you gonna love the Semi Precious Weapons.

This band suits Lady GaGa very well, cos Semi Precious Weapons stand for sex, glamour and Rock`n`Roll. Singer Justin Tranter is incredible outgoing and makes every stage into his own. Their music style is everything between Queen and AC/DC. Tranter met drummer Dan Crean, Bassist Cole Whittle, and guitarist Stevy Pyne in Boston while attending the Berklee School of Music and later they moved to New York City to become famous. They are on the best way to that, got a record deal with Interscope and have an EP out at the moment.

The band got a huge following in NYC and were voted Best Band in NYC by the Village Voice. SPW’s album debut “You Love You” with rockworld producer-kingpin Jack Joseph Puig, is due out in early 2010. It will ultimately showcase the band’s unapologetic embrace of all things filthy, dangerous, and glamorous- in other words: rock & motherfucking roll.

Check out their new video for “Semi Precious Weapons”:

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