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Kate Nash is back with “Do Wah Doo”


London based singer Kate Nash is back with her second album called “My Best Friend Is You”, which is out in April. The first single is the short, but funny song “Do Wah Doo”.

Nash (22) had a huge hit with “Foundations” in 2007 and released her debut album “Made Of Bricks” that year which became a huge seller in the UK, was a number 1 album. With “Mouthwash”, “Pumpkin Soup” and “Merry Happy” she released some more singles from the album who did quite well.

The new album is produced by Bernard Butler (ex-Suede) who did produce Duffy`s debut album as well. Kate will play a sold out gig tonight in London. On March 18th she will be playing in Berlin and in April she is touring the UK and the US. More live dates will follow later in the year.

The first single is a nice story about a nameless bad girl who teases some guys.  „I think she’s a bitch“ sings Kate in the end. Check out this fantastic new video for “Do Wah Doo”, only Pam Ann is missing in the clip:

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