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Vanessa Amorosi is looking for “Mr. Mysterious”


Finally her new album will be released in Germany in June 2010 with “This Is Who I Am” as the first single, coming out in May 2010.

In her home country Vanessa releases the 3rd single from the great “Hazardous” album, this time it`s “Mr. Mysterious” featuring seany b on vocals. She`s looking fantastic in the video, which just has been released.

Vanessa got worldwide interest when she was performing at the opening and closing ceremony at the Olympic games in Australia in the year 2000.  Her song “Absolutely Everybody” was not only a smash hit in Australia, but in several european countries as well. Besides Australia, she achieved her biggest success in Germany. In 2008 she released the fantastic album “Somewhere In The Real World” down under with the single hits “Kiss Your Mama”, “Perfect” and “The Simple Things”. Her new album “Hazardous” is a big seller again down under with the hit singles “This Is Who I Am” and “Hazardous”. Surely “Mr. Mysterious” will be a big hit for her again.

Here is Vanessa`s video for the new single, “Mr. Mysterious”:

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  1. LisaTanner permalink
    2010/03/30 05:28

    Vanessa’s new album is BLOODY awesome… Not sure what i would do without it… I have it on 24/7 almost.. And the film clip for “Mr. Mysterious” is hot.. Keep up the good work guys… Way to go guys on the HUGE come back..

  2. Brett permalink
    2010/03/30 11:21

    I’ll help you look for Mr Mysterious – if you HELP ME

    keep up the great work, was great to see you in Melbourne. You ROCK

  3. 2010/04/01 11:54

    Love the new video!! 🙂

  4. permalink
    2010/04/05 11:32

    Can’t wait for Mr. Mysterious ft. Seany B. Should be a good one, like every other song she’s performed. I like the use of the masks in the video.
    Her songs are well written especially ‘This Is Who I Am’ and ‘Blow Me Away’.
    The next album she releases should be HUGE. You go Vanessa!

  5. michael Martinez permalink
    2010/04/09 14:02


  6. little_mini_nassy permalink
    2010/04/11 00:34

    Vanessa, Hazardous is the BEST thing that happened to me! I love it with all my heart, and its definetly your best work yet!

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