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Album of the week: Justin Nozuka “You I Wind Land And Sea”


Canadian singer Justin Nozuka released his second album this week. He is one of the greatest new music talents from the last years. After the first single “My Heart Is Yours”,  Justin Nozuka (21) finally released his new album “You I Wind Land And Sea”.

Justin released his fantastic debut album “Holly” in 2008 with wonderful folk-soul songs like “After Tonight”, “Golden Train”, “Criminal” and “Save Him”. For a then 18-year old musician he released a very strong album and had interesting stories to tell in his songs.

The new album is a collection of 12 self written tracks which shows again what a talent Justin is. He wrote songs for it about falling in love (“My Heart Is Yours”, “Love”), losing someone (“Carried You”, “Soulless Men”), getting lost in the wonderful song “Heartless” or fighting with a highschool love (“Woman Put Your Weapon Down”). All little stories put into wonderful melodic little songs that touches your heart. And always his unique voice that sends shivers down your spine.

The talented Nozuka, who`s father is Japanese and who`s mother is American, toured a lot the last years and is currently on tour in the US and Canada and will continue to promote his new album worldwide througout the next months. Don`t miss him when he is playing near you.

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  1. 2010/04/13 00:15

    I am listening to the album (again) via AOL and it’s really good. It’s missing some of the strong vocals from ‘Holly’ but it’s definitely a good follow up! Love me some Justin!

  2. Louise permalink
    2010/04/13 01:58

    Justin is the best singer and songwriter i have heard in many many years.
    I have met him a year ago in London and he is so humble, kind and balanced.
    I can’t wait to get his new album i have preordered it a week ago and i am for sure going to his concert when he is coming back to europe, hopefully Denmark this time 🙂
    He is amazing his album Holly is amazing
    and i know for sure that his new album will be amazing!

  3. Psmela M. permalink
    2010/04/13 04:18

    I’m buying his album tomorrow which is the day it comes out in Canada! I can’t wait to see him live again!

  4. Lydia permalink
    2010/04/13 12:50

    I preordered the new Album and Holly yesterday on amazon, I can’t wait for them to come tomorrow! And I also hope he’ll come to Europe/Germany again, I definitely want to see him live!

  5. Maria permalink
    2010/04/14 00:07

    You have done a phenomenal job with the album Justin! You deserve every bit of greatness that this album will bring you. Your words have changed my life and for that I thank you! Peace and Love!

  6. 2010/04/22 05:03

    Great Album! Now I have to buy Holly!

  7. Nicola permalink
    2010/05/04 05:31


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