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Album of the week: Amanda Jenssen “Happyland”


Another great singer from Sweden is conquering the pop world. Amanda Jenssen (22) is a singer from Lund who got extremly successful in Scandinavia the last 2 years. In 2007 she participated at Pop Idol in Sweden and reached number 2. Many thought her career was over before it began, but Amanda shot to fame with her first album “Killing My Darlings” in 2008, which was the most selling record in Sweden that year and in 2009 she released “Happyland” over there.

Now Europe is on it`s way to discover Amanda. The charismatic singer mixes music styles from the last centuries perfectly together. She says: “Im pretty young, but i`ve got an old soul”. You hear that in her music all the time and she looks like she just came from an old Hollywood movie from the 40`s. Amanda wrote all the lyrics for the new album and the music contains lots of horn sections, old-school production transported into our time, sounding fresh and new and her great voice is fantastic and unique.

You must have heard “Happyland” by now, go and listen to “Autopilot”,  “Our Time”, “The Rebounder”, “Borderline” the cover “Look What They`ve Done To My Song” and the fantastic, for me best song of the album, “I Choose You”.

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