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Album of the week: Robyn “Body Talk PT.1”


Finally it`s here, the fantastic new album from swedish singer Robyn. Body Talk PT 1 is the first of 3 new mini albums, the blonde singer will release within the next year. Long time ago when she was 15 she started her international career, but it was only since her smash hit “With Every Heartbeat” (a UK number 1) that everyone has fallen in love with her fantastic electro pop music.

You may have thought “With Every Heartbeat” will be the peak of her career, you have to think again after listening to her new album. It starts with the message loaded “Don`t fucking tell me what to do” where she counts down all the things that makes her mad, followed by the first leaked song “Fembot” about a female robot. The first official single “Dancing On My Own” is a perfect follow up to Every Heartbeat, a powerful dancefloor killer with great lyrics and Robyn looks stunning in the video.

“Cry When You Get Older” is a nice pop song and is exactly what you should do, live in the moment and get a life. The reggea influenced “Dancehall Queen” is a very nice song to start the night with, followed by one more highlight of the new albu, “None Of Dem” featuring Röyksopp. You can`t sit till while listening to this monster track! The album finishes with 2 quiter songs, the ballad “Hang With me” which reminds of “Handle Me” and the swedish traditional song Jag Vet En Deljig Rosa.

Robyn has proven again that she is one of todays most powerful female singers in pop who has a huge talent and only does what she wants. 2010 will be her year! The album is out now in the UK and in the US today, most of Europe follow by the end of this week.

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