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Album of the week: Kele “The Boxer”


Singer of british rock band Bloc Party, Kele Okereke, just released his first solo album “The Boxer”. After the fantastic single “Tenderoni” he proves with his album that he can surely go his own way, although it doesn`t mean the end of Bloc Party. But who knows. It depends a lot on how successful Kele will be with his solo stuff i guess. Musically it`s miles away from Bloc Party, you can hear influences though, but the album is very dance orientated electronic stuff. There are great up-tempo songs, but also nice slower ones like “The new rules” or the beautiful “All The Things I Could Never Say”.

The gay singer named his album “The Boxer”, not only because he started kick-boxing, but also because a boxer has always to stand up again when he has been beaten down and contiune his fight. On the album you will not only hear Kele`s voice, but also the female voices from Bobby and Jodie, 2 backing singers from the band The Noisettes.

The album is a brave step from Kele, who cut his hair short and shows his great body in lots of photo sessions at the moment. I hope he will be succesful with this great piece of art! Kele is touring a lot this summer, catch him on his solo dates or on festivals around the globe!

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