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Album of the week: Scissor Sisters “Night Work”


Jake Shears, singer of the Scissor Sisters, has to thank the city of Berlin a lot for the new Scissor Sisters album. The band wasn`t happy at all with their new album, that they threw it in the dustbin and Jake flew over to Berlin where he stayed for more than 3 months and there he got new impressions and ideas for new songs. While visiting gay clubs and sex parties, he started enjoying life again and wrote new songs.

The new album “Night Work” is pure SEX from beginning to the end. A great fantastic party album with no worries and the message to enjoy your life. Look at the titles of songs like “Fire With Fire”, “Sex and Violence”, “Skin Tight” or “Night Life” or “Any Which Way” and you know where the journey is going. The album is dark and a definate night album with all the expectations a night has to offer combined into 12 new brilliant songs. On “Invisible Light” they got british actor Sir Ian McKellen on board who is reading great lines like “whores, gladiators and party children all wake from their slumber!”

Last weekend the Sissor Sisters played Glastonbury and were joined by no other than Kylie Minogue on stage, who sang “Any Which Way” with them. A great moment for Jake, who did write a song for Kylie`s new album.

The cover of the album is a picture by Robert Mapplethorpe and shows the bum of dancer Peter Reed, who was a great talent and unfortunately died of Aids.

Don`t miss the Sisters on tour, they playing all around the globe the next months.

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  1. 2010/11/04 09:27

    i quite seem to enjoy my night life enjoying and attending parties, ”

  2. 2010/12/03 06:14

    having a regular nightlife can make your life a very colorful one, i enjoy having nigh outs “”-

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