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First UK number 1 single for The Wanted


It is fascinating to see that in the UK boy bands are still very huge and every year a new one breaks the charts. Last year JLS, this year The Wanted are the next big thing. The pretty boys, based in London, were formed in 2009 and their first single “All Time Low” just stormed to the number 1 of the UK single charts yesterday.

The 5 guys who made it into the band are Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran and Max George (who was in the boy band Avenue before). The boys are doing lots of promotion at the moment in the UK and their debut album will be out later in 2010. The album is called “Heart Vacancy”, which also will be the name of the second single, out in October 2010.

The boys wrote a lot of the songs for the album by themselves and got support from top producers and writers like Cathy Dennis, Guy Chambers, Steve Mac, Carl Falk and Taio Cruz. The Wanted are definately talented which shows the very good first single, a perfect pop song.

Check out the video to their first number 1 hit, “All Time Low” here:

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