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Album of the week: The Hoosiers “The Illusion of Safety”


The british band The Hoosiers are back with their second album “The Illusion of Satety” and as the first album “The Trick To Life” in 2007, the new one is a collection of great funny pop songs that make you smile. The first single “Choices” is already a big hit for them and the song has all ingredients a good pop song should have.

There are lots of anthems on the album like “Bumpy Ride”, “Unlikely Hero” (which is planned to be the second single), “Glorious” and heart breaking ballads like “Who Said Anything (About Falling In Love)?” or “Lovers In My Head”.

Irwin (singer), Martin (guitars) and Alfonso (drums, percussions)  added more electronic elements to their glam pop sound, which sounds even better than on the debut album. It`s a diversified album with excellent melodies.

As an iTunes exclusive track you`ll get “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”,  a cover of the Soft Cell classic on top of the 12 new tracks.

The Hoosiers definately should get another number 1 UK album with “The Illusion Of Safety”! If you are in a bad mood this album will lift you up again! The album is out this week in the UK and will be released in Europe within the next weeks.

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