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Graffiti 6 Stare Into The Sun

Wow, this singer is so hot, Jamie Scott from Graffiti 6 has the looks and the voice. Now the band is releasing “Stare Into The Sun” as single again, a great pop track that sounds like a Mark Ronson/Daniel Merriweather song.
The handsome Jamie Scott (of Jamie Scott and the town) who had a record out a couple of years ago at Universal, teamed up with producer Tommy D and they started working together almost 2 years ago under the name Graffiti 6. It was thought to be an experiment, but now the results are very pleasing and they wrote some excellent pop tunes together. Their last single “Annie You Save Me” was a fresh, beautiful pop song. Graffiti 6 stands for pop and you can hear they love soul music, dance, folk and funk too.

“Stare Into The Sun”, a psychedelic pop song with dance beats and distorted vocals has been released last year because it was  chosen for a TV campaign for The Sun. Now they gonna release it again, cos the song is so strong and should be a big hit for them. Their album “Colors” is out on September, 27th in the UK.

Check out this beautiful song and the nice video to “Stare Into The Sun” here:

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  1. 2011/02/13 16:03

    “Stare Into the Sun” is my Swell Tune, today:
    Because the sky in Moscow is the same colour as the pavement and has been for two months. God, I miss summer.

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