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Album of the week: Skunk Anansie “Wonderlustre”


Skunk Anansie are back! After they released their Greates Hits album “Smashes And Trashes” last year, now a brand new studio album has been released.

After the band split up in 2001, Skin released some solo material, but has never been as succesful as with her band.  The new album starts with “God Only Loves You”, a typical melodic Skunk Anansie rock song with Skin`s voice that sends shivers down your spine. “My Ugly Boy” is the current single, if you buy the deluxe edition of the album, you`ll get the great video too as some more footage from festivals and making of the album.

“Over The Love” is another potential hit single and of course you`ll find great rock ballads, like “Talk Too Much”, “You Saved Me”, “My Love Will Fall” and “I Will Stay But You Should Leave”. The band still does know how to rock, but they are calmer than on the previous albums, but still an enrichment in the music scene nowadays.

It`s great to have them back and the guys are playing a lot of concerts again, which is fantastic, cos they are excellent on stage and Skin is the most charismatic female singer i`ve seen on stage.

You can listen to the whole album on the myspace page of the band. Skunk Anansie are on tour from November 2010 til February 2011.

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    2010/09/14 13:49

    Read my in-depth review here:

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