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Album of the week: The Hundred In The Hands “The Hundred In The Hands”


You may haven`t heard of this great band, but you should give a listen to them. The Hundred In The Hands is a band from Brooklyn, New York, singer Eleanore Everdell and musician Jason Friedman.

Eleanore and Jason bonded playing one another tracks in a van while driving across the US and listening to stuff from Giorgio Moroder produced disco, french house, techno, 60s soul or post punk stuff like The Cure and New Order. They went into a studio and wrote the song “Dressed in Dresden” over a couple of days and spent the next year writing and recording. The result is a great mixture of 11 wonderful electro pop, disco, indie, psychedelic tunes. Listen to the fantastic single “Pigeons” or “Lovesick” (wonderful lyrics), dance to “Commotion”, enjoy “Gold Blood” and the nice ballad “The Beach”. A great sound, a beautiful fresh voice, temporary lyrics about life and love these days.

You can listen to the whole album on their myspace site. The band is currently touring the US and will hopefully come to Europe soon.

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