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Album of the week: Graffiti 6 “Colours”


Graffiti 6 just released their fantastic debut album “Colours”. The handsome singer Jamie Scott (of Jamie Scott &  The Town), who had a record out a couple of years ago at Universal, teamed up with producer Tommy D and they started working together almost 2 years ago under the name Graffiti 6. It was thought to be an experiment, but the results are very pleasing and they wrote some excellent pop tunes together.

After the fresh “Annie You Save Me”, they re-released “Staring At The Sun” as the second single from the album. Their sound is great pop, sounds a bit like Mark Ronson/Gnarls Barkley, very groovy psychedelic pop with a brilliant mixture of electric piano and offbeat guitar and Jamie`s falsetto vocals.

Start dancing with “Stone In My Heart”, followed by the excellent 2 singles. Take a breath with the slower beautiful song “This Man”, “Free” is a grower, you gonna love it more and more you listen to it. Title track “Colours” as Jamie sings, “flows into your mind” and “Stop Mary” rocks. Lay with someone you love and listen to “Lay Me Down”. The album ends with “Over You”, a fantastic quiet ballad, which Prince should be jealous of.

This is feel good music at it`s best, wonderful optimistic, powerful and makes you feel better! Thanxs guys for this excellent record!

The deluxe iTunes UK version contains 2 more tracks than the normal album version and both videos to the singles.

The guys are playing a couple of UK dates this month, jump over to New York on the 18th, followed by some dates in Belgium and the Netherlands the next months.

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