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Album of the week: The Wanted “The Wanted”


After UK boy band The Wanted had two major hit singles, the guys released their debut album, titled “The Wanted” today in the UK. The album starts with their first number 1 single, the great “All Time Low”, which was co-written by Ed Drewitt, which you may know of his work with Professor Green (I Need You Tonight). “Heart Vacancy”, the new single, which reached number 2 in the UK single charts, is a great follower. There are so many great songs on the album, “Lose My Mind”, the next song, is another potential monster hit as is “Replace Your Heart”.

The boys co-wrote some of the songs and got support from top producers and writers like Cathy Dennis, Guy Chambers, Steve Mac, Carl Falk and Taio Cruz. You find excellent ballads like “Hi And Low” and “Golden” and there is the fantastic “Let`s Get Ugly”, written by Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) with a great sample from the Ennio Morricone classic movie song “The Good,The Bad And The Ugly”.  Other highlights are “Weakness” with lots of strings, “Behind Bars” where they hopefully never end and a song about your very own “Personal Soldier”.

A great collection of wonderful 14 pop songs, 5 great voices, different styles and types of guys. Definately a boy band which has the potential to last longer than one year and could follow in Take That`s t footsteps.

The physical album is available with 5 different covers, so you can chose which of the boys you wanna have on the cover!  Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran and Max George are all very good looking and the choice is hard to take. The album will be released in Europe in mid November 2010.

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