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Album of the week: Take That “Progress”


It is here, the new album from Take That together again with Robbie Williams. And what a great record the guys did record! The album kicks off with “The Flood”, a unique pop tune, one of the best singles in their career. “SOS”, a great up-tempo track, featuring the mates Mark and Robbie together on vocals, you can sing a long very quickly. “Wait” features Robbie and sounds like a melancholic Pet Shop Boys song. “Kidz” sounds like a big hit, well done Mark Owen,  everyone will soon sing “There`ll Be Trouble When The Kidz come out….la la la”.

It is getting quieter on “Pretty Things”, sung by Robbie and a grower when you listen to the song more often. Another Robbie song “Happy Now” has happy vibes and a great futuristic sound and message. “Underground Machine” sounds more like Depeche Mode than Take That and “Affirmation” (sung by Howard) sounds like “A Question Of Time” in some parts. “What Do You Want From Me” is a fantastic tune from Mark, singing honestly about betraying his wife and dealing with it. “Eight Letters” is featuring Gary finally on vocals alone, a brilliant ballad. And Jason Orange, who is not the best singer, is doing quite good on the last song, the bonus track “Flowerbed”.

The songs were all written by the guys and Stuart Price (Kylie, Scisscor Sisters etc.) did produce the album. A good decision from Robbie to join the band again.  We have to thank the band taking him back, cos honestly they were very successful on their own and didn`t have to do that. A fantastic album with the right album title, the guys did try new sounds and directions, which suits them very well.

The big Progress Live Tour starts by the end of May 2011 in Sunderland and finishes by the end of July in Munich. Surely more dates will be added as the tour is already sold out.

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