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Frankmusik is back with “The Fear Inside”


Vincent Frank alias Frankmusik is back in the music world with the first single from his second album. The song is called “The Fear Inside” and he just released the video for it.

His first album “Complete Me” was one of the best electronic pop music albums in 2009 with excellent songs like “Confusion Girl”, “Better Of As 2” and “3 Little Words”. He did remixes for lots of other artists like Lady GaGa, PetShopBoys, Mika, Ellie Goulding and many more.

2011 sees the release of his second album “Do It In the AM”. He did move to LA and worked there the last months producing the new album. The first single, “’The Fear Inside’ is a song about relieving the pressures and complications of the modern world through the strength of a close and intimate relationship,says Frankmusik. It´s a great pop song which grows on you the more you listen to it. 2011 should be finally the year Frankmusik is going big time!

The video to the single was shot in LA and you can watch it here:

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